At CELA, our wonderfully gifted and talented staff steps up to the plate and excels yet again! Our teachers and staff share their vast knowledge and experience through special elective courses that are offered each trimester to our Middle School students.

We are so very grateful that CELA is able to offer a plethora of fun, educational, challenging, and fulfilling courses as a part of our curriculum, thanks to the generosity and dedication of our awesome staff.

Click here to see this year’s course selections. To learn more about these dynamic teachers and staff members, read their full bios by clicking on the link below their name on this page.

Meet the CELA Staff

Jeanne Andreski
Middle School Math

Read Jeanne’s full bio


Katie Ausen
Music Teacher

Read Katie’s full bio


Brigette Baudhuin
Director of Community Relations

Read Brigette’s full bio


Megan Bakovka
4th Grade

Read Megan’s full bio


Kristine Bertling
Art Teacher

Read Kristine’s full bio


Nicole Daniels

Christian Values and
Leadership Development (CVLD)

Read Nicole’s full bio


Katie DeStefano
2nd Grade

Read Katie’s full bio


Meghan Dwyer
Middle School English/Language Arts

Read Meghan’s full bio


Jennifer Ellis
2nd Grade

Read Jennifer’s full bio


Megan Fingleton
1st Grade

Read Megan’s full bio


Naomi Fulton
Middle School Math

Read Naomi’s full bio


Randy Hake
Band Director

Read Randy’s full bio


Evan L. R. Hays
Chapel Facilitator and Middle School Social Studies

Read Evan’s full bio


Laura Jennaro
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Coordinator

Read Laura’s full bio


Laura Johannsen
3rd Grade

Read Laura’s full bio


Jessica Mazur
5th Grade

Read Jessica’s full bio


Erin Meinel
5K Kindergarten Teacher

Read Erin’s full bio


Ryan Moeller
Maintenance Personnel

Read Ryan’s full bio


Emma Mogard
School Secretary/Receptionist

Read Emma’s full bio


Gina Perone
4th Grade

Read Gina’s full bio


Sarah Recht
Middle School Math

Read Sarah’s full bio


Cindy Schultz
4K Teacher

Read Cindy’s full bio


Krista Simmons
Middle School English/Language Arts

Read Krista’s full bio


Ashley Sonderman
Middle School Science

Read Ashley’s full bio


Jeff Stark

Read Jeff’s full bio


Susan Visconti
Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Director

Read Susan’s full bio


Bonnie Wehnes
Assistant to Head of School

Read Bonnie’s full bio


Middle School Electives

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