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About Us

What started as a dream of Brian and Nancy Nahey, to develop an exceptional Christian leadership academy for motivated students and families, God is making a reality.

Initial results are amazing, exceeding all expectations. God blessed CELA with an incredible team of dedicated individuals who designed, developed, and established this one-of-a-kind Christian Education Leadership Academy.

This team is committed to ensuring that CELA has leading-edge curriculum while developing new best practices. Through creative forward thinking we ensure the model is continually evolving, adding to the best education lessons of the 21st century to help all children achieve their maximum potential and realize their dreams and God’s purpose for them in their lives. We believe that students should receive world-class individualized instruction where they are measured through comparison to their past performance, always receiving positive reinforcement, and seeking continual improvement and growth.

Parental involvement and engagement is a cornerstone of the CELA philosophy. We are implementing a feedback loop to strengthen the partnership between the parents and faculty as we collaboratively support children’s learning, leadership training, and development of Christian values. We believe that Christian values are best assimilated into a child’s character when they are a focus both at home and at school. CELA continually partners with parents, teaching children to constantly make Christ-centered choices and decisions in everything they do.

CELA follows a practice of ongoing assessments of students, teachers, administrators, and curriculum, evaluating the information and making changes when we feel performance enhancements are likely.

We believe the unique culture CELA is creating will not only develop confident leaders with Christian values, but will also improve the lives of the students and their families, faculty, and administrators while impacting all the lives they touch.

If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest that you listen very carefully and diligently to the video on this page titled The Essence of CELA. This short video will give you insight from the people who are experiencing CELA’s culture and impact daily.

God bless,
Brian and Nancy Nahey, CELA Co-Founders


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