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As we move toward the formal enrollment process, we would like to start with this Application of Interest Form as a first step in acquiring initial information from families that are interested in sending their child(ren) to CELA. Please fill out this form completely and then click the submit button at the end when you are done.

Please fill in all fields. If a field doesn’t apply please type “NA”

Applicant Name(s) and Grade(s):

Name of Child:

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Applying for School Year:
2019/2020  OR  2020/2021

Grade level for the school year checked above:
4k   5k   1st   2nd   3rd
4th   5th   6th   7th   8th

Current School and Previous Schools Attended:

Extracurricular Interests:

If you have another child to enter click here.

Father’s Information:


Cell Phone:


Home Address:

Mother’s Information:


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Additional information:

How did you first hear of CELA?

Why are you interested in having your child(ren) attend CELA?

Special Needs: Please list any special needs or considerations of your child(ren), including any former or current IEP’s.

Student, Family, and CELA Covenant:

Click to read CELA’s Student Covenant.   Click to read CELA’s Parent Covenant.

We have read and are willing to meet and accept the requirements of CELA’s Student & Parent Covenants.

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