Admissions Process

Admissions Process

For New Students

Thank you for your interest in the Christian Education Leadership Academy as a potential partner in the education of your children!  We are here to assist you through the admissions process and look forward to developing a relationship with you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding CELA or the admissions process. We are here to serve you!

Step 1. Application of Interest

  • The Application of Interest form is located at
  • Complete all sections for each student applying to CELA.
  • Read the CELA Student Covenant and Parent Covenant through the links provided in the Application of Interest.
  • Submit the Application of Interest through the CELA website:

Step 2.  Application for Enrollment

  • Following a review of the Application of Interest form, all eligible applicants will receive an Application for Enrollment. 
  • Completely fill out the Application for Enrollment.  (Note: If the application is not complete, it will cause delays in processing the application.)
  • Read the CELA Statement of Faith, Guiding Philosophy, and Student and Parent Covenants posted on the CELA website.  Indicate your agreement to these documents by signing on the final page of the Application for Enrollment.
  • Email your Application for Enrollment to CELA at
  • Mail in your Application Processing Fee of $150.00 (per student) along with your Application Processing Fee Form to CELA.  (Note: Full refunds will be given for any student that is not offered conditional enrollment by CELA or withdraws prior to your scheduled family visit.)

Step 3. Application Review and School Visit

  • CELA staff will review your child’s application.
  • All eligible applicants will be contacted to schedule a time for your family to visit the campus, and meet and review your application with the administrative staff.
  • During your visit, we will also use the opportunity to get to know your child better, their educational background, and any other information they’d like to share through a brief entrance screening process appropriate for their grade.

Step 4. Enrollment Decision

  • Conditional Enrollment: All eligible applicants will first be given conditional acceptance for enrollment and will be asked to pay a nonrefundable reservation fee of $500 per child within ten days of receiving notification of enrollment to reserve their seat.  This reservation fee will be applied against the final tuition payment.
  • At this point, CELA will request a transfer of records from the most recent school for the applicant.
  • Full Enrollment: Once CELA staff has reviewed the transferred records and have found them to be consistent with all information presented throughout the process, full enrollment will be granted.


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