Student Covenant

Student Covenant

CELA/Student Partnership Agreement

CELA’S Guiding Philosophy

We believe the three pillars of CELA will most effectively be assimilated into a child’s core character when they are immersed in a complete culture of our three pillars: academic excellence, comprehensive Christian values, and strong leadership development. CELA is a nurturing and loving learning community of key influencers including students, faculty and families who together, through the way they live, will inspire the children at CELA to grow in these three pillars.  For this reason, the CELA team will work diligently to find like-minded members for our family, including our students, the families we serve, our faculty and our Board to ensure that all individuals will have a positive influence on one another.  Together we are shaping the lives of the young people in our Academy to develop them into strong leaders equipped with academic excellence, Christian values, leadership training and experience preparing them to learn, lead and excel in all walks of life.  Perhaps more than any other feature of our Academy, we believe forming this unique community of individuals aligned in mission and living by example in their own lives, is critical to excelling in achieving our mission.

Based on our guiding philosophy, we have created a common set of expectations we will hold each other accountable for to help form this unique community of like-minded people.

As a student I agree to:

  1. Accept the CELA philosophy and live it in my life.
  2. Strive to exhibit Christian values and character and learn from the Bible according to CELA’s Statement of Faith
  3. Come to class each day on time, ready to learn with a strong work ethic and desire to excel.
  4. Do my homework every day, and turn it in when it is due.
  5. Abide by the Family and Student Handbook in my dress, language, and behavior.
  6. Eat nutritious meals and get sufficient sleep to be a healthy and motivated learner.
  7. Continually strive for content mastery.  Ask for help when I need it.
  8. Give my parents (or the adult who is responsible for me) all papers and information sent home from CELA.
  9. Respect myself and others at the Academy and in the community.
  10. Work to resolve conflicts or behavior challenges in a positive way.
  11. Treat CELA property, including books and materials, with care, respect and gratitude.
  12. Promptly report any negative behavior to a member of the CELA staff.
  13. Be a positive ambassador of CELA to the outside community.
  14. Be a positive influence on the learning environment for others every day.

By signing, I am confirming I have read and understand all of the statements above, the CELA Guiding Philosophy and the Qualities of CELA Students and Families and will strive to fulfill them as a member of the CELA community.  Further, I understand that failure to fulfill these expectations may lead to my exclusion from CELA at the sole discretion of the CELA Head of School and Board.

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