Three Pillars

Why does CELA have 3 pillars?

We believe that for CELA to be successful in it’s mission of creating leaders in all walks of life while being guided by a Christian value system it will have to excel in three major areas.

  1. Academics: teaching consisting of foundational knowledge in major areas of study, passion for learning, and training for understanding.

    At CELA each student receives individualized education and is taught to compare his or her improvement to personal past performance. Small class size and innovative use of technology enables our teachers to differentiate instruction for each student. As students continually improve and receive positive reinforcement, their motivation to strive for excellence grows. We realize the motivation to learn is just as important as the ability to learn. At CELA we emphasize individual learning and motivation.

  2. Leadership: teaching consisting of personal practice and on-going, consistent experiences in leadership.

    At CELA we engage each child in intentional leadership development. Our underlying philosophy is to provide actual educational training and an abundance of experience that will provide the opportunity and encouragement for the students to become comfortable and confident leaders. Since all children are included, it becomes the norm to lead and support and cooperate with others when they are serving in the role of leader.

  3. Christian values: teaching consisting of a well-developed understanding, knowledge, belief, practice and commitment to Christian values.

    At CELA students are immersed and thrive in a supportive Christian environment consisting of teachers, school administrators, fellow students, and families as they learn about, emphasize and practice Christian values each day. Together, we are embedding a moral compass and by living it daily it will last a lifetime. With all children immersed in this culture, the peer pressure to conform has a significant impact. Involving the family in the analysis of values and the ensuing discussions about the values adds great support to the success of the program.


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