Parent Covenant

Parent Covenant

CELA/Parent Partnership Agreement

CELA’S Guiding Philosophy

We believe the three pillars of CELA will most effectively be assimilated into a child’s core character when they are immersed in a complete culture of our three pillars: academic excellence, comprehensive Christian values, and strong leadership development. CELA is a nurturing and loving learning community of key influencers including students, faculty and families who together, through the way they live, will inspire the children at CELA to grow in these three pillars.  For this reason, the CELA team will work diligently to find like-minded members for our family, including our students, the families we serve, our faculty and our Board to ensure that all individuals will have a positive influence on one another.  Together we are shaping the lives of the young people in our Academy to develop them into strong leaders equipped with academic excellence, Christian values, leadership training and experience preparing them to learn, lead and excel in all walks of life.  Perhaps more than any other feature of our Academy, we believe forming this unique community of individuals aligned in mission and living by example in their own lives, is critical to excelling in achieving our mission.

Based on our guiding philosophy, we have created a common set of expectations we will hold each other accountable for to help form this unique community of like-minded people.

As a parent I agree to:

  1. Accept the CELA philosophy and live it in our lives.
  2. Strive to exhibit Christian values and character and support my child’s learning of the Bible according to CELA’s Statement of Faith.
  3. Provide a Christ-centered support system at home.
  4. Promote the Academy’s culture by being positive and encouraging with staff, other parents, and especially with students.
  5. Inform and provide constructive input to appropriate staff at CELA in a timely manner should I become aware of obstacles to my student’s education. 
  6. Ensure that my student attends the Academy regularly and on time.
  7. Notify the Academy promptly in the case of my student’s absence.
  8. As often as possible, schedule appointments outside of Academy hours.
  9. Abide by Academy policies regarding check-in/check-out procedures and visitor policies.
  10. Abide by Academy policies and procedures regarding student drop-off and carpool.
  11. Ensure that my student receives sufficient rest and has a nutritious breakfast and lunch.
  12. Ensure that my student arrives at CELA on time prepared for class with necessary materials and in Academy-approved attire.
  13. Provide an environment in the home that will make it possible for students to engage in scholarly pursuits on a daily basis.  This should include opportunities for exercise, study, homework, and reading.
  14. Actively participate in the education of my child including checking for homework completion.
  15. Provide positive reinforcement for improved performance on a regular basis.
  16. Regularly discuss and monitor school materials and assignments with my child.
  17. Support my student’s education through attendance at Academy meetings, parent-teacher conferences and other opportunities for parent engagement.
  18. Take responsibility for my child’s behavior.
  19. Work to resolve conflicts or behavior challenges in a positive way.
  20. Be a positive ambassador of CELA to the outside community.
  21. Support CELA by completing parent surveys and volunteering in ways and at times that work for my family throughout the school year.
  22. Abide by other Academy policies and procedures as outlined in the Family and Student Handbook.

By signing, I am confirming I have read and understand all of the statements above, the CELA Guiding Philosophy and the Qualities of CELA Students and Families and will strive to fulfill them as a member of the CELA community.  Further, I understand that failure to fulfill these expectations may lead to the exclusion of myself and/or my child from CELA at the sole discretion of the CELA Head of School and Board.

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