Middle School Program

Middle School Program

Middle School – A Pivotal Time in Every Young Leader’s Life

Middle school is a time often characterized by awkwardness, insecurities and struggles. At CELA, we characterize middle school as something different. It is the time when young people become leaders. At CELA, confidence replaces awkwardness, honest humility replaces insecurity, and personalized teaching and mentoring turns the adolescent’s struggle to perseverance. Our unique CVLD program allows for in-depth teaching of Christian values such as courage, kindness, and empathy that not only equip our middle school students to become intentional leaders and mentors, but also make them more confident in their own academic and extra-curricular pursuits as young people.

At CELA, our adolescent students interact regularly with our younger students as part of their daily experience giving them the opportunity to become everyday mentors. Our middle school students serve as chapel buddies and reading partners to our elementary students. Each one shares in the responsibility of creating a nurturing environment where Christian values are put into daily action, and each is given an important job as mentor and role model.

By igniting the leadership potential inside of each of our 6th-8th graders, each one feels special and unique. When middle schoolers feel special and begin to understand their own place in the world, their potential is limitless.

CELA has designed a nurturing environment where highly qualified, content-certified subject-area teachers do not simply instruct, but mentor and teach using a personalized approach. We have developed a rich technology environment with exploratory databases full of researched information, all housed within a restricted-internet platform which protects our students. Additionally, we use a unique Lesson Capture system allowing teachers to record lessons that students can later review to help solidify understandings. These lessons are all easily-accessible on each student’s individual laptop computers, one at school and a second at home. With class sizes no larger than 16 students, learning is differentiated and lessons are created to challenge all levels of learning. An extensive non-fiction reference library collection has been handpicked for the needs of high-level readers, and our middle school math program includes high school course options for advanced learners. A unique electives menu including engineering, public speaking, leadership, and world cultures sparks learning outside of the core academic areas in our students. Because an emphasis is placed on creating programs focused on joyful participation, learning and individual growth, the customized experience our students have empowers them to be all they were born to be.

CELA’s middle school students are exceptional leaders that emanate strong Christian values. We believe their experience in our unique middle school program makes this happen. CELA graduates have a definite advantage when it comes to being prepared for the rigors of high school academics and beyond; CELA alumni attest to being far more ready for high school than their non-CELA peers. We call that The CELA Advantage!

We would like to invite you to call us at 262-691-4321 for more information. If you would like to learn more about our admissions process, visit our Admissions Page and if you are ready to begin the enrollment process, visit our Application of Interest page and fill out the short form there as the first step.


At CELA, our wonderfully gifted and talented staff steps up to the plate and excels yet again! Our teachers and staff share their vast knowledge and experience through special elective courses that are offered each trimester to our Middle School students.

We are so very grateful that CELA is able to offer a plethora of fun, educational, challenging, and fulfilling courses as a part of our curriculum, thanks to the generosity and dedication of our awesome staff.

Click here to see the elective course selections for the 2023-2024 school year. To learn more about these dynamic teachers and staff members, visit our staff page to access their full bios.


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