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An Imperative Read for Understanding our 4K/5K Education Programs

CELA’s four-and-five-year-old kindergarten (4K/5K) program is the gold standard of education for young learners. Here, our 4K/5K program is intentionally-designed for young Christian leaders who thrive best in an engaging and stimulating environment, where certified teaching staff utilize a rich, research-based curriculum, small class sizes and specifically engineered state-of-the-art learning spaces to customize the unique engagement needs of young high-level learners. Our teachers embody Christian values as they nurture a positive classroom culture, one that promotes leadership opportunities for our youngest students. Additionally, our teachers use a uniquely-blended literacy approach that integrates reading and writing into the other content areas which allows our 4K/5K students to experience accelerated academic growth, where each child’s understanding is continually measured to ensure his/her individual learning needs are met at that “just right” time. Because of this, 100% of our 5K students are reading by Christmas. By enjoying daily Christian values lessons, frequent specials classes including art, music, PE and Spanish, as well as regularly using CELA’s Promethean boards and learning tables, personal laptops, modernly-furnished reading lofts and a customized, gated playground, our young students’ mental, physical and spiritual needs are able to grow and mature in many ways.

One CELA parent described their 4K/5K experience by saying, “I’m not sure I could ever find a better school for my four-year-old’s needs. Where else can a four-year-old lead morning announcements and prayer times, communicate daily with upper-elementary and middle school buddies, read in a lofted hideaway, hear Jesus’ parables and recite scripture, run and jump in a fully-equipped athletic facility, and most importantly, be academically challenged each and every day. Our son loves learning, and he loves God. He loves being a part of the CELA community. For a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that.”


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