Physical – Mental – Artistic

CELA offers a myriad of special activities covering the gamut from physical (athletics) to mental (robotics, forensics, etc.) to artistic (concerts, theater, plays, etc.).


CELA has a 25,000 square foot indoor athletic facility as well as extensive outdoor athletic and play facilities including all artificial turf fields. Our indoor athletic facility boasts a regulation-sized basketball court, practice and scrimmage sized basketball courts, tennis courts, and a golf simulator. Our outdoor athletic areas include basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse fields as well as play areas for all students with a special gated play area for our 4K/5K students.

Due to the availability of these world-class facilities, in addition to the regular physical education classes, we are able to offer our students access to many extra-curricular sports including basketball, cheer/dance, soccer, and tennis to name a few.


At CELA, we challenge our students not just academically and physically, but also mentally. We offer many classes, clubs and activities that are designed to engage the young minds of our students and keep them hungry and eager to learn!

In addition to regular specials (art, music and phy. ed.), we are able to offer many elective courses to our Middle School students such as band, choir, creative writing, forensics, engineering, Latin, robotics, and Spanish. To stay at the forefront of educational excellence, our elective class selections change and grow each year. To see a complete list of elective classes offered this year to our Middle School students, please click here.

CELA also offers after-school clubs to all grade levels that enrich learning even further (chess club, coding club, LEGO league, robotics, ski club, etc.).


CELA is blessed to have a beautiful 850-seat Chapel/Fine Arts center that was designed with performing in mind! Our large stage and vast space work together for the perfect acoustic blend. Weekly chapel services (both student-led and staff-led) are held in the Chapel/Fine Arts center but that’s not all it’s used for. Students will often find themselves in the Chapel/Fine Arts center for special programs, plays, concerts – you name it.

CELA students design, edit, direct, and perform an annual Christmas concert. This special event is a big honor for the students and they love being a part of something so meaningful. Many students invite friends and family to come enjoy the show they worked so hard on.

CELA students also participate in a production each spring. This production is something that the students are very involved in – from helping to plan the production, to designing and building the sets, to helping with the technological parts so things can run smoothly. Students can be more or less involved – whatever they choose. While all students have the opportunity to be involved, the Middle School students can opt to take an elective course which will put them smack in the middle of the production with either a lead role or technology/production support role. We find that all of our students want in once they get a taste of what’s involved!

Service Projects

At CELA, students participate in a wide variety of service projects that use the values they learn, giving them “hands-on” opportunities to live out the Christian values they are studying. Students research to find the needs and then help to organize and coordinate the service projects. This is an awesome leadership opportunity for our students and allows them to give back to their community as well as the world. Project that they have participated in range from collecting money and fundraising to collecting shoes, books, school supplies or other important necessities to making blankets for those in need. Some of the organization that CELA has been blessed to help are JDRF, Soles for Jesus, Project Linus, Gold in September (G9), Sole Hope, Operation Christmas Child, and A Soldier’s Child Foundation to name a few.

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