Nicole Daniels

Director of Christian Values and Leadership Development (CVLD)

  • 1993 – Psychology Degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • 1998 – Physician Associate Master’s Degree from Yale University School of Medicine
  • 2014 – Masters Degree in Education with a Leadership Focus from Concordia University of Wisconsin

I feel blessed to be part of the CELA team and believe God has been preparing me for this incredible opportunity for years. I have always believed in the power of education and find great comfort and courage in my strong faith in God. I graduated with a Psychology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1993 and then a Physician Associate Master’s degree from Yale University School of Medicine in 1998. I started my career at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Pediatric Surgery. I loved working with children and their families. I knew I was making a difference in their lives.

When my wonderful husband and I were blessed with our first son I decided to stay at home. We then were blessed with another son and two daughters; we thank God every day for our beautiful family. Having children has strengthened my desire to use my God-given gifts and talents to lift Christian education to a new level and share God’s incredible love.

I have had the unique opportunity to experience education in public schools, private schools, and Christian schools as a student, educator, and parent. While our children were young I volunteered at their school and took on many leadership roles to help their school in any way I could. I have always been fascinated by education and how we can improve the “system” and inspire every student to achieve their maximum potential and find their God-given gifts. I have a passion for continuing education and am always striving to learn more. In 2012 I went “back to school” to earn my teaching certificate and Master’s Degree in Education with a leadership focus from Concordia University of Wisconsin. With this new knowledge, I helped develop CELA for the years prior to our 2015-2016 opening.

In addition to spending significant time managing community relations with current and prospective CELA families, I am also very involved with human resources and program development. I am committed and blessed to coordinate the Christian Values and Leadership Development (CVLD) curriculum at CELA. While studying Christian values, we use Bible verses, Bible stories, and examples from everyday life (past and present) with the goal of immersing a child in a true understanding of who God wants them to be and how God wants them to live. CELA believes in using the Bible along with examples from “everyday life” to fully immerse a child in the understanding of each Christian value. We also believe it is vital to provide continual opportunities for students to lead in multiple different areas.

I love working with students and their families and understand the profound privilege we have as educators to influence students and support families. I have a passion for Christ and have been working tirelessly to make CELA’s mission come to fruition. I firmly believe our country is desperate for strong Christian leaders in all walks of life. Parents need educators to partner with them to “train up their children”. The team at CELA is dedicated and passionate about bringing out the best in every student and helping them to grow in their faith. Together we are changing the face of education. We have created a school where academic excellence, Christian values and leadership development are joined together to create the ultimate environment for students to learn, lead and excel. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him through this incredible mission.

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Nicole Daniels