Frequently Asked Questions

Listed bleow are some of the common questions we receive. If you have a question not answered below please contact us at and we’ll be happy to answer it or provide the information you are looking for.
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What is CELA’s mission?

Is CELA associated with a particular Christian denomination?

Is CELA accredited?

Who is on CELA’s Board of Directors?

Is anyone on the Board of Directors related to each other?

How was CELA’s Head of School chosen?

Why does CELA have “three pillars”?

Are CELA’s teachers certified?

Is CELA on social media?

Does CELA’s curriculum ever change and why?

What is “CVLD”?

How does CELA get involved in the community?

Do parents get involved at CELA?

Does CELA have a mascot?

What is this “pod” I keep hearing about?

Why are CELA’s class sizes so small?

Does CELA use standardized testing?

Is CELA only for “really smart kids”?

Does CELA have a dress code?

Does CELA offer before- and after-school care?

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