Jody McGhee

School Secretary

I am so excited to be joining the CELA team as the School Secretary. I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I attended grade school at St. Paul’s Lutheran in West Allis and Martin Luther High School in Greendale, WI. I remember my dad taking on a second job just so he could send my brother, sister and I to a good school that valued having a foundation of faith.

As early as high school I knew that God had given me a passion to serve and a passion for people. I have pursued that passion in a variety of ways. In college I began working at Camp Timber-lee. I loved working with campers. I enjoyed teaching them about God and helping them fully experience His creation. I Interned in their Challenge Ministries department and got to lead groups through teambuilding, high ropes, low ropes, climbing and repelling. I learned that you can grow in amazing ways when you are willing to take steps outside your comfort zone.

Much of my camp experience enhanced my passion for youth. After college I started working in High School Ministry at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI. I loved the crazy games, the amazing energy and the creative ways we got the kids excited about digging into God’s word. I also worked for 3 years as a Ministry Assistant for the 20s and 30s ministry at Elmbrook. I had a lull in my ministry career during the recession and I took on another form of ministry. Starbucks. I worked as a Barista, Barista Trainer and Shift Manager. It is more than just coffee when you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s day. I have been amazed by the power for a genuine smile and simple words of kindness.

Most recently I served as the Children’s Director at Legacy Christian Church in Menomonee Falls. I ran programming for our Birth to 5th graders. It was interesting to come full circle. I had now served in every ministry from 1-year olds to 30-year olds. One thing stuck with me. As I counseled individuals in their 20s and 30s, returning to the church, they remembered their foundation. They remembered the teacher that taught them John 3:16. They remembered what it felt like to be in a place where they were loved, accepted and encouraged. And that foundation brought them back years later.

When I started in ministry, I wrote this life objective: To equip and empower youth to live a life of learning, growth and reflection through the grace of God; that my life and theirs would serve as a light reflecting hope and truth to a lost world.

As I began to seek a new a new career path, I was blessed to find CELA. I am amazed that my life long objective is theirs as well. I am excited to come along side our teachers, staff, parents and students. I look forward to supporting the work being done here at CELA.

As for my personal life. I live in West Allis. I love hiking and camping. I enjoy gardening and cooking for my friends and family. I love spending time with my 5 amazing nieces and nephews. I enjoy a great cup of coffee and a good book. And I have two cuddly cat companions named Cali and Boomer.

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Jody McGhee